Tuesday, August 16, 2011

day sixty eight: album from one 12 x 12" sheet of paper

the finished album ready to fill with photos :)
day sixty eight and after a very sweet afternoon tea yesterday, we are heading to paper crafting today to make a keepsake for my sister for some of our holiday memories :)  pinned to my paper crafts board is a sweet 3 x 3" album made from one sheet of 12 x 12" paper and todays project is inspired by a video tutorial found on the srm stickers blog.

paper, a stanley knife or scissors, and a ruler is all you need!
the video is really helpful and is about 10 minutes long ... its actually long enough that if you have everything ready to go and you have watched it once, you can make it as the clip is playing :)

i used a non-directional patterened paper which makes the album much easier as you don't have to worry about which way your patterns are falling ... if you don't worry about these things, pick any paper and i am sure the finished album will look awesome.  i'm a little ocd about these things, so it was non-directional for me :)

all the cuts you need to make :)
i added to my sister's craft supply and purchased a stanley knife, and a ruler to help the process for this album.  as i didn't have my scorer with me, i used the back of a butter knife and the ruler, and it still does the trick beautifully :)  make the three cuts and then fold according to the clip. the nice thing with this album is if you fold it wrong you can undo it because you don't glue until the very end.  if you have never made a paper album this is a great one to start with because if you do go wrong it's only one sheet of paper!

the finished (bar the photos) album is only 3 x 3" (easy to post!)
outcome: really sweet, its amazing what you can make with one sheet of paper :)  very happy with this and as sasha says during her video, it makes the perfect gift album ... as i said this will be gifted to my sister full of photos of this holiday as a momento and i plan to make many more of these as gifts because they are the coolest size, quick, and easy to make!

many thanks to sasha who posted such a wonderfully explained tutorial on the srm stickers blog ... it was incredibly helpful and i absolutely love the end product :)


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little album. That would be the perfect size to send pics of my little guy to the grandparents!

Marie-Anne said...

I am going to give it a try Kirsty & ask Taylor if she would be interested in making it too...
From a 12 x12" sheet of paper came this creation !!!
When vacations are close to the end, I personally like making new plans for another one :D
This way we say goodbye on a much happier note since everyone has a new goal to look forward...
And VIDEO CHATTING is always available with a click of a button too :D