Saturday, September 10, 2011

day ninety three: appliqué onto a t-shirt

appliquéd t-shirt
day ninety three and pollyanna and i are off to see france play japan this afternoon in the rugby world cup :)  SO excited and polly has been bouncing off the walls ready to go and support her second team france!  i figured we needed to dress for the occasion and thanks to this wonderful 20 minute crafters tutorial from a little bit funky we can!  this was pinned to my general crafts board on pinterest.

i am going to attempt to applique a french flag onto the front of polly's t shirt! i used the freezer paper trick i did on day twenty eight to print on fabric a design i made using clipart.  once the design was printed i used the applique tutorial to attach it to her t shirt ....  you use heat'n'bond or similar to attach your design and then zigziag around the edge to finish it!

the design printed on fabric
iron on the bonding web and place on the t-shirt, then iron
again :)
zigzag around the outside :)
outcome:  THIS IS SO COOL ... i can make some cool t shirts for all sorts of occasions now!  it was super easy and the nice thing was you didn't need any special tools, just freezer paper and some bonding web. it took about 30 minutes from opening clipart to the finished product ... polly and i are now ready to go and support france as they do battle against japan in today's match!

mon petit supporter français prêt à aller!
[my little french supporter ready to go!]
thanks so much to little bit funky for their awesome crafting tutorials ... i am their newest follower because ... i mean really .... who doesn't need to know how to craft in 20 minutes!


Natasha in Oz said...

I am just loving all of these amazing things you are doing. You are incredible!

We have been watching the rugby over, non stop! The opening ceremony was great.

Good luck to the All-Blacks!

Best wishes,

PS I just posted about my favourite pins and the rugby today!

Nadine said...

I hope you enjoyed the game! I was at a party last night and the rugbyheads were all gathered in the TV corner, but I was busy mingling. Will watch the delayed coverage today and look for Polly in the crowd. ;)

Jen W. said...

So cool! Must go back and look at the freezer paper technique. And Polly looks adorable all decked out! :)