Monday, December 12, 2011

day 186: free colourable gift tags

happy birthday my not so little boy/man, 10 years ago today your dad and i started a family and we have never been happier :)

free, printable and colourable christmas tags!

day 186 and it was a busy day of lego building for someone in the family today.  we had full on festive birthday enjoyment intermingled with a hockey final (ben's team won 7-0), a movie with friends, a dinner with family, and some christmas wrapping ... yes it was a busy but wonderful day for our birthday lad! 

we started with some gift wrapping and that meant we needed tags.  as the presents we were wrapping were from the peeps to their cousins and people who have helped them learn throughout the year, i wanted a homemade element from them on the presents.  these tags i found on pinterest from raggedy scrappin were ideal as they were designed to be coloured, something my peeps love to do so they were pinned to my 2011 advent crafts board.  this site has lots of free printables for all sorts of uses and plenty of wonderful things for using in card making and scrapbooking.

and away they went colouring .... 

... and colouring some more :)

away the peeps went with the colouring and i got the parcels wrapped and ready to adorn with home made flowers and bits.  it was fun, i really appreciated the peeps helping with the giving to others, especially on a day when they were given so much :)

the perfect tag for this present to their cousin

a present from the peeps to their grandparents :)

another tag, another cousin, another
happy parcel finished and adorned with
ben's cool tag :)

outcome:  i really think the presents look awesome with the peeps home made tags!  our family, friends, and activity teachers will hopefully know that extra special effort was put into their gift with a big heap of love and plenty of the peeps time!

my thanks to raggedy scrappin for the freebie tags, small things like getting the peeps involved in the present giving process really help them understand charity towards others ... and these tags were a big help in aiding that learning, not to mention how cute the tags were to begin with and they just became more vibrant with colour :)

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Jen W. said...

Awesome idea! I was thinking of making some sets of Thank You cards with uncoloured images that kids could colour themselves before giving them out...