Tuesday, December 13, 2011

day 187: christmas rocky road

honestly ... this is so good!
day 187 and christmas is getting so near i could burst with excitement!!  i love making christmas sweets and tonight i made a really christmasy version of rocky road :)  this idea was from patricia at technicolor kitchen and adapted from a donna hay recipe.  when i saw them on pinterest i wanted to make them then and there they looked so yummy but i didn't have the right ingredients so instead they were pinned to my christmas is coming board so i could make them today.

unfortunately i still couldn't find any freeze dried strawberries in our local grocer's so i have made some adaptions to the recipe.  the ingredients i used to make my version of a christmas rocky road are below:

2 c white marshmellows
1 c dried cranberries
1 c of red licorice
1 c of pistachio nuts
 of white chocolate
additional cranberries to scatter over the top

the goodies in this rocky road :)

my little helper adding pistachios!

once everything is added the the melted chocolate, mix!

pour into a loaf tin or cake slice if you can't find the loaf
tin ;)

the finished product, looks even better in person :)

outcome:  YUMMO!  for white chocolate lovers (ben and i) this is the bomb!  perfect colours for christmas and i will have to make this again because it won't last for christmas day!  seriously so good and so incredibly easy to make.  rocky road is so underrated is a sweet .. can't imagine why when you can make it so quickly and it tastes so good.

my thanks to particia at technicolor kitchen for posting her version of a christmas rocky road ... i will still look our for freeze dried strawberries to try them in a rocky road because i bet it tastes awesome! in the meantime, i will gladly eat today's creation and munch on the copious amounts of fresh strawberries we currently have growing :)


Jen W. said...


Nadine said...

I've seen dried strawberries somewhere . . Maybe in the bulk bins at Pak n Save? Will have a look on Friday.

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thanks nadine, please let me know and i can get steve to pick some up for me :) you are such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Nice.. what a fun way to celebrat pintrest! Just blogging about it...

Nadine said...

Hey mate, Pak n Save Lincoln Rd have dried strawberries in the bulk bin section, approximately under the 'S' in the 'Bulk Foods' sign. Just dried, don't know that they're freeze-dried . . like apricots. (I wrote them on my list as 'deep-fried strawberries' - what the??)

Jenny said...

Looks yummy, will have to try this.
Sounds funny to hear you talking about the strawberries you have growing...at Christmas!
Jenny x