Friday, February 3, 2012

day 239: parmigiana roasted potatoes and 17 day diet update

these smelt so amazing, worth doing for the smell alone!
day 239 and i am making something for those of us NOT on the 17day diet and losing lots of weight (see the bold red weight loss at the bottom ... seriously!).  i figured the family not dieting might be getting over all the health i have put into our menu over the last couple of days, so a treat i don't mind missing out on is my creation for today.

this recipe for parmigiana roasted potatoes looks really nice and steve LOVES potatoes ... does every guy consider potatoes as the only other food group to meat?  the recipe comes from lovin' from the oven, such a sweet blog with plenty of mouth watering recipes.  it is pinned to my pinterest recipe must do's board, which i can barely look at with so many tempting treats to make and pack onto my hips :(

for this recipe you dice the potatoes, toss them in all the ingredients, and then put them in the oven ... you can see why i chose this recipe can't you!  yes, it's fair to say limited time in the kitchen when dieting is a VERY good idea :)  the only changes i made to the original recipe were to substitute the italian herbs with tuscan and i used grated parmigiana instead of the powdered stuff.  i also used 3 cloves of garlic instead of 2 and garlic powder.

the ingredients, plus the parmigiana cheese which is in the fridge :)

ben declared these should be eaten every night ... dream on my boy, the smell would  drive me insane not being able to eat them, so much for a tasty treat i didn't mind missing out on ... i stayed strong this time, but next time, i'm not so sure ;)
outcome: steve and the peeps loved them .... that's an understatement, they REALLY appreciated them and me for making them ... check ... brownie points earnt for today ;)

my thanks to kim from lovin' from the oven for this delicious recipe my family loved ... i will definitely be back to visit the sweet treats when i am slim and healthy :)

weight tracker: after three days on the 17 day diet 3.2kgs lost ... i kid you not!
still going strong, surprisingly full, but still would love something sweet :- / ... ah well at least it's working!


Kara said...

Oh wow, I'm making those this weekend. No questions asked. And my boy is the same. Potatoes and meat all day. :)

Jenny said...

Now these look like royal roast potatoes!
Love potatoes and cheese so a definite winner for me :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Luis is a big potato fan too. I can take them or leave them - unless they're in French fry form!
And 3kg already? You go girl!