Saturday, February 4, 2012

day 240: french toast

french toast served with maple syrup and powdered sugar :)

day 240 and we have a loaf of home made bread that needs using ... steve suggested he make french toast for breakfast for he and the peeps.  i told him i would find a recipe for it on pinterest (given we haven't made it before) and i would help and make it today's creation :)  so that is what we did.

this recipe is from southern food on and is pinned to my recipe must do's board.  this recipe rates really highly on their boards so i figured we would be fine, even though i was baking in the morning ... i'm not a morning person ;)  lucky for us this is quick and simple to make and only requires a whisk and a bowl, now that's my kinda kitchen work early in the morning.   the other nice part of this recipe is it doesn't add sugar until serving up, so great for diabetics, and it is a reduced fat version using only one whole egg and two egg whites ... happy days given i have the household on a health kick currently :)

we followed the recipe according to directions and then served them with maple syrup and icing sugar for the peeps.  steve had his as they were straight out of the skillet.

the ingredients

my whisking man straight out of bed ... not even the coffee had been drunk!

it smelt really good cooking, not as good as last nights pinterest but still good!

the peeps had there's garnished with maple syrup and sugar :)

outcome:  when we asked polly what she thought of them, she asked as if we saw hearts in her eyes and ben, well, he gave us a thumbs up which was pretty much all we got out of him until he was finished eating!  steve thought they were just fine as they were out of the pan but if you liked a sweet breakfast definitely add the sugar.  all in all a very happy way to start the day for most of the family ... and what did i have for breakfast?  a very healthy version of scrambled eggs so i was happy too :)

my thanks to southern food on, i am absolutely certain the peeps will be asking for french toast every weekend thankfully it is easy enough to be able to do that!


Abby said...

OOoooo I LOVE French Toast. Doesnt really fit with my weight loss goals for this year though :(

Jenny said...

Sweet and simple is good for mornings although still a coffee first! :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Yum yum yum! And Polly cracks me up! LOL!