Wednesday, March 21, 2012

day 284: fall bucket list

our fall bucket list ready to frame and have up as a reminder of all the cool things autumn offer :)

day 284 and things have been hard round here, that's an understatement but not as hard as others and my heart goes out to those families. my family have completely rallied around me and taken up all the slack i have left.  my operation is set for monday and i wanted to make sure the family (including me) had things to look forward to for the rest of the autumn season given the first month has been such a non event.  we haven't even been to a rugby game yet :(

i went to my autumn comfort board on pinterest looking for inspiration for today's creation.  looking at all that inspiration was just what i needed and i found the perfect thing to do today, an autumn bucket list.  i love these seasonal bucket lists that make you realise there is so much that each season offers your family that's worth doing.  i subconsciously know all these wonderful things happen each season but sometimes the grind of each day gets away on me and i forget to make the most of all the opportunities out there.

i found this great fall bucket list by katie at loves of life, unfortunately it is more fitting for the northern hemisphere seasons so this free printable wasn't going to work.  however i did find this free printable for a fall bucket list that allows you to create your own.  the free printable is from jessica of live as mom, her writing is so funny and a little bit addictive to keep reading!  jessica went with a limit of 25 things for her autumn bucket list.  given a month of autumn has almost gone i am going to limit our family list to the 20 things listed below:

the freely printable fall bucket list from jessica at, it's also available in colour if your printer hasn't run out of magenta ;)

  • go to a blues rugby game
  • make a pumpkin pie
  • make apple prints bags with the peeps
  • make mum's famous carrot and pumpkin soup
  • go to the movie the best exotic marigold hotel
  • make decorative easter eggs with the peeps
  • go to the anzac dawn service at parakai (we go to one each year, this year it will be a local one)
  • read a classic storybook, book must have been written at least 50 years ago  (each member of the family)
  • make wednesday nights into movie nights with an easy dinner and cuddled up under blankets with hot chocolates
  • visit with nana at the mount
  • have a family craft day to make an autumn banner
  • make an apple pie
  • make some mini egg cookies
  • make time to play games with the peeps on sunday evenings
  • make homemade easter buns
  • go to takapuna beach for an autumn walk and finish with hot drinks at the beach cafe
  • go to a netball game to support the northern mystics
  • make a dessert pizza for doing in the pizza oven
  • send easter eggs in the post to all the peeps friends
  • make an 'autumn' inspired dinner each week for the remainder of the season
outcome:  we won't know until the end of this season but i already feel more positive and excited about the weeks ahead and doing lots of fun family-focused things.  it is so true, when something is written down rather than thoughts swirling around it is far more likely to be done because it is out there for all of you to remember and make time for.  i love the idea of bucket lists for the everyday and always, it's a way of remembering how important each day is and not just the festive, warm seasons.  i am a great one for getting excited about christmas, birthdays, easter, and all the holidays way in advance and forgetting about how rewarding the every day can be if you put a little effort in.  hopefully a list like the one above with be a great reminder .... now i just need to get steve to go out and buy a frame for it!

my thanks to both katie at loves of life and jessica of for their wonderfully inspiring fall bucket lists.  they are such a great idea and something i hope to adopt for my family during every season :)


Jen W. said...

Now this is a great idea because you're so right - all those ideas swirling around in one's head are lovely but they usually don't move beyond there. Lists are my saviour and I need to remember to make more fun lists like this one. :)

julie said...

I follow your blog all the way over in Belgium! I found it one day when I googled this strange thing called Pinterest!! Now I am addicted to your blog AND Pinterest. I saw this cute little egg craft through my daly Martha Stewart Living tweet. I thought of you and the adventures of your eggs right away.
I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. If you have to take a break from your commitment to 365 days of Pinterest, your followers will understand. We will be waiting patiently for your next post which I always enjoy!

Jenny said...

I'm one for lists too and James works best froma schedule too so I can see exactly how this would help :0)
Great visual aid in your recovery after Monday too....... Not that you probably need one, you are a uber positive person :0)
Jenny x

Milady said...

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