Thursday, March 22, 2012

day 285: decorated easter eggs

the finished eggs, they are still a bit wet in this picture but i was getting impatient for sleep, sorry :$
they actually look really cool they are all dry now, i will show you an update photo when i put then in a vase :)

day 285 and it's a pretty quick creation today.  as easter gets closer each day, i get more disappointed i haven't been able to decorate for this season.  i decided to find an easter craft that i could do from bed today, so when i can move i will at least have some things on hand to decorate with :)

these book covered easter eggs from lemon tree creations looked perfect.  they are pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest.  i had some papermache craft eggs that needed perking up and a vintage book that was already in pieces thanks to some flowers i made last year.

i went with a papermache application of the book pages onto the eggs rather than doing the model cutting tutorial found on lemon tree creations.  i decided i wasn't up for well made, more thrown together was what i was thinking for today's creation ... there will be time for well made later this month and the next!  to adhere the pages to the eggs i used mod podge in matte and applied it with a foam brush.

the bits and bobs for today's creating
the creating: rip, dab, dab some more :)

outcome:  really cute craft.  i actually left some of the eggs for the peeps to do because i figured they would enjoy doing this as well ... that and the fact i was exhausted after half an hour of creating~!  i plan to put them all in a glass vase on the table as the start of dressing the dining room for easter, but that will be for another day :)

thanks goes to the lemon tree creations for this great easter craft.  regardless of which months you celebrate easter this is a craft that will work well for easter.


Jen W. said...

I prefer the rough, more homespun look of yours! Wonder if these would pick up the colours of Easter egg dies?

Kara said...

Ah! I love these! Decorating eggs is one of my favorite things about this time of year!

Jenny said...

What a great contrast to the usual bright decorated eggs for this time of year, I love the torn edges showing of the paper.
I've not even thought about Easter yet!!
Jenny x