Wednesday, June 13, 2012

steve's top ten

steve's top ten creations from pinterest 365

it involved lego, what more do i have to say :)

this was totally divine, definitely i good choice!

i totally didn't see this choice coming, it's amazing what others see and apparently these were just too cool not to add into the top ten!

black board paint was a total addiction for everyone in the family ;)

apparently this is the quickest way to my man's heart!

had to bring the egg's in somewhere, but these pots are well established in the garden and are so cool!

his favourite things together, good design and lego!

steve's number two because of the amount of fun we have had watching the peeps deal with this jar!

and his number one which totally surprised me but we use daily is the i love you because frame


Hannah said...

Great top 10 :) You've made such a wide range of things, it's brilliant

Jenny said...

So glad the eggs and Lego made an appearance :0)
Jenny x