Friday, June 15, 2012

my top ten ... err 12 ... pinterest 365 projects

these are actually my top 12 because i couldn't narrow it down any further and actually the list was much bigger but i had to have a cut off somewhere :)

i can't state enough how amazing this cake was hot .. and so easy ... seriously, give it a go! 
i made this while i was pinteresting in singapore, and it hits the spot like no other iced coffee has ... not for the healthy, this is pure indulgence. 
while it doesn't currently have halloween papers in it (they are all red currently) this weekly dry erase schedule is still in use EVERY SINGLE DAY!
this is why i love pinterest so very much, simple gift ideas like this that don't cost a lot but mean lots to give ... i love giving and pinterest has allowed me to give lots of happiness to lots of people without breaking the bank :)
i have so many christmas t-shirts that i have been unable to part with sentimentally but are too small for the peeps to where, this project provided the perfect answer :)
this is for totally sentimental reasons, it was through this card i made some amazing blog friends namely jen (who's card it was i cased!) and jenny another amazing paper crafter i found through jen's blog.
hands down the best glazed ham i have EVER had!
couldn't have a top 10 12 without these babies!
this frame gets used all the time in our house and it has meant so much to both steve and i to see the appreciation in the little things people in our family do for each other ... even the real estate agents go each open home to check out who's currently loved because .... :)
again, couldn't have my favourites for the year without this project, it has been an incredible success in our house and we are about to make yet another one as the minifig collection continues to grow.
this cake has become my go-to cake, it is ABSOLUTELY delicious, easy to make, is still beautiful and moist days later, and is the perfect birthday cake that can be turned into any shape you like ... oh, and it's a big substantial cake that can feed a large number!  i have made this cake more times than i can count over the last 300+ days, just as well i made it early on :)
never have i seen so many inspiring quotes as i have on pinterest ... this one made my heart melt, my eyes water, my throat dry as pure honesty does.  it describes one of my children so beautifully and made me understand him more than any other words, feelings, or advice has.  these words changed our relationship because as soon as i gave him the pillow he knew i understood him ... him and the thousands of pages he reads each week

nothing came close to my number one but it definitely wasn't the only life changing moment of the year i have had.  i couldn't have done it without the support of my family, they were amazing and that's an understatement ... love you guys :)


sarah br said...

I absolutely love the Lego wall!! But the apple cake is going to et a test drive today!!

Hannah said...

Lovely top 10 too Kirsty, great projects, and I love your number 1, so sweet, I didn't know you when you made that :)

Jenny said...

So good to see your choices too, the number one is so worthy..... A totally thought provoking quote :0)
If it wasn't for that card of Jens I may not have found you!!!!
Thanks for the shout out, it's been such fun to meet you all through blogland and who knows we may may an appearance in NZ one day to visit hubby's Sister in Law so we could meet in person :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Awww! So glad for #7! If I'd never made that card I'd never have found you guys. :)

Andrea said...

so man cute ideas. I love the weekly dry erase board