Sunday, June 10, 2012


have a pinterest party!


what better way to finish pinterest 365 than with a pinterest party inspired by all the other pinterest parties i have read about on pinterest's website, blog, and their facebook page!  today's party was inspired by these ones on my pinterest party board and there were plenty of amazing ideas including party ideas from the little things, design improvised, catch my party and many others.  thank you to all the pin providers on my pinterest party board, you made organising this party a dream to do and even better the perfect project for my 365th day :)

pinterest parties are all about getting people together to have a great time and get creative, today's was no different.  it was about me getting friends and family doing more projects and providing them with all the things they needed to achieve them while having some fun, food, drink, and a little bit of celebrating ;)

with the help of mum, steve, and the peeps we set up 25 projects that were suitable for young and old alike.  everything from my favourite projects over the year to projects i had only tried while making samples for all the different craft stations, to hands on blokey shed projects, to fussy felt flowers, to kitchen spice mixes, there was something for everyone ... even tracy, who swears she can't craft even though i know better!

to attend each person had to bring a recipe they had made from pinterest to share for morning tea ... the results were hilarious, everything from mulled wine to noel's cookies which were his first ever foray into baking!  there was food everywhere and it was ALL so delicious i won't need to eat for a year!

there was amazing food

there was celebrating

there were PLENTY of projects completed

there were tears when i one of my dearest friends gave me this

thank you lana :)

there were more tears as i sat down for this evening after everyone had left and i realised what i had done and completed ... in my own space, in my own way, and in 365 days (+ 1, thank you leap year!)

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my absolute gratitude to my family and friends who have encouraged me throughout the year and have been willing guinea pigs for all sorts of daily experiments.  it has been an incredible journey and something that has been life changing.  i have made friends worldwide that i cherish, and blogs that i visit often for inspiration.  over the next week i will share some top tens of the last 365 days with you and wrap this year up, because a new year is going to begin ... but that's for next week ;)


i gaurantee it :)


Jen W. said...

I can't believe it's over!! It went by so quickly!

The party looks like it was a huge success - look at all those big smiles! So sad I couldn't be there in person but love seeing the pictures. :)

I am so glad you took on this project, Kirsty. Not only did you introduce me to Pinterest and a world of ideas but I got to get to know you and your amazing family. You are one super cool chick and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you. Big big love and hugs to you all!

The Cupcake Architect said...

Aww that party looks awesome, i'm just sad it's over now!

Nadine said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kirsty! What an amazing achievement. I'm so impressed you were able to stick with it despite some hiccups (the memory of Steve's eggs will live on for a long time to come . . )

Sorry I couldn't be with you, I've been up to my ears in 13-year-old boys all weekend, but I DID think of you yesterday! :)

Hey Mickey said...

Congratulations Kirsty - what a wonderful achievement, you certainly inspired me to do a few more things off Pinterest, although I'm nowhere near your league!! The party looks like lots of fun...hope you all had a fab day :)

Also a belated thankyou for the lovely box of NZ goodies that was waiting for me when I got back to NZ - a lovely welcome home pressie - been trying hard to save some of the goodies for the boy who doesnt arrive for a few more weeks but its hard work!

Look forward to seeing what you are going to do next!


Granny di said...

So proud of you Kirsty. What a huge achievement and commitment. A great party enjoyed by all who came. Lots of great creations, sumptios food and lots of laughter. Love Mum

Morag said...

you are a legend and a super star and simply inspirational. Well done, I am so proud of you! lots of love your sister xxx

alishka-the diy mommy!!! said...

Hey Kirsty...... this is amazing!!!! i've been pinning for the longest time... but to actually take out time and make the things we pin..... it almost never happens.... YOU however made that happen!!! congratulations.... and don't ever stop .... can't wait to see more projects made by you from pinterest!!!!

Hannah said...

Ahh Kirsty, so sad I couldn't come for this. It looks absolutely incredible, you put so much effort in and looks like it was enjoyed by all.
Can't believe it's finished for you now, I only joined you part way through but you've got me addicted to pinterest! :D Congratulations.

Jenny said...

Oh my what did we miss being the other side of the world!!!
I'm so glad I found you through Jen, you are an inspiration and a human dynamo.
The party looks such a great success and I can sense how proud you are of what you have achieved....just look at these lovely comments :0)
Jenny x