Sunday, March 25, 2012

day 288: a number 1 banana cake

happy birthday mum, we love you :)

the finished banana cake, this was delicious

day 288 and it's my mum's birthday!  normally i would have a whole day of things planned for her so i am very disappointed i haven't been able to do anything for her as yet ... next weekend, i hope to make up for it big time as tomorrow is the day of my operation! i can't tell you how EXCITED and a little nervous i am :)  it was a day of absolute roll reversals today and again mum requested helping out and making a cake for HER birthday.  i am not in a position to say no so we went with it!  normally steve would have come to the rescue and made the cake but we also had an open home today and he was super busy cleaning and organising so the house looks good enough for someone to fall in love with and buy!  luckily my gorgeous friend lana dropped off yet more DELICIOUS food today, so at least mum didn't have to make dinner AND she came with birthday flowers.  can't tell you how much we all love her, she just always seems to be their when you need her most.

mum had some bananas that needed using so requested i pin a whole lot of banana cake recipes to my recipe must do's board for her to choose from.  i did as asked and she picked this one from all recipes, any cake called a number 1 banana cake sounds like a cake that should be tried :)

mum wanted to bake something so the house would smell good during the open home and boy did it smell good from the bedroom!  the recipe makes two 8" rounds so can be layered ... apparently my kitchen team are into layered cakes at the moment!  the intriguing thing about this recipe (that does require the heavy machinery to be taken out) is their is a tablespoon of baking soda in it, that's a lot of baking soda for a cake so it will be interesting to see how it tastes.

this cake uses the heavy machinery and a few dishes but it's worth it!

ready for the oven, mum loves her flowers lana :)

the baked cakes ready to be frosted

ready for a birthday celebration ... awesome job mum!

outcome:  couldn't taste the baking soda at all, this cake is definitely worth the dishes!  it was really delicious, nice and moist and loads of banana flavour.  definitely would make this as a treat cake for any occasion, even your mum's birthday ;)

my sincere thanks to my sweet mum for helping with today's p365 pinterest creation, you rock mum.  imagine having to make your own birthday cake, it just doesn't sit right with me but at least there was a cake and you were able to celebrate with family.  not only that, but you know we will make it up to you as soon as i can stand up!  thanks also goes to kevin ryan for uploading the banana cake recipe to all recipes, it has 4 1/2 stars and it is definitely worth every one of them :)


Morag said...

happy birthday mum! xx kirsty - i will be thinking of you tomorrow. xx love to you both!

Jen W. said...

Big birthday love and hugs to mum! That cake looks divine - I can almost smell it from here!
Kirsty, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope that everything goes smoothly for you. Big big love and hugs to you!

Jenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kirsty's Mum :0) Hope you enjoyed the cake it looks very very yummy.
Jenny x