Tuesday, March 27, 2012

day 290: lego picture frames

day 290 and kirsty is having her second night in hospital so its steve standing in again.  the kids and i got home pretty late today so there was a bit of panic when i finally sat down to sort out a creation for the blog.  kirsty is now off the pain meds and has a clear head so there is no chance of me pulling the wool over her eyes anymore, i had to do something and do it fast!

looking through kirstys general crafts board on pinterest i saw lego picture frames and thought that would be a great addition to bens bedroom as well as fun for dad to make!.  this is originally from a pinterest board by anel jacobs dedicated to lego birthday ideas.
i have to admit that i wasn't too keen on gluing lego to a picture frame as per suggested instructions, so decided to make the whole thing from lego pieces.  this way ben can customise it himself and the kids can build more if they want.  the frame is made from lego flats and big enough for a 6x4 photo.  i got all tricky and made a recess for the photo to slide in from the top so that photos can be changed easily if desired.  once this is done then you have a blank canvas to get all creative on.  the final touch was adding a stand at the back.
get a heap of flats and lay out so you have a backing area larger than your image size
backing flats joined with a layer of flats close to your image size, then covered with more flats to create a recess
middle layer of flats omitted at top to create photo slot
frame ready for customisation
go through the block trays and get creative.... trust me you will spend a lot of time getting the look right!
the stand....a pretty poor photo but hopefully clear enough
outcome:  after giving myself a headache from the sifting-through-piles-of-lego-for-prolonged-period-of-time noise, i was pretty chuffed with this and i think the kids will like it to.  at least they will say so to humour me before pulling it all to bits.  unfortunately our printer is out of action so i couldn't get a photo in there.  see below for a picture of ben i had selected.  ben loves lego and last birthday received a heap of starwars lego, perfect for this frame.


Kara said...

Such a cool idea! Thanks for filling in for Kirsty. I hope she feels better in no time!

Chaplain Deanna said...

What a great way to display a grandchild's photo (and give Grammy an opportunity to play with the Legos for awhile).

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

Kids are amazing. The first thing Ben said was "or you could make a picture out of lego...", a very cool idea and a benefit of making the whole frame out of lego.
Thanks for the comments.....Steve

Jenny said...

This is such a cool idea and an awesome piece for the kids rooms :0) Sounds as if Kirsty is doing well.... Hope it continues, sending hugs to you all.
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Very very cool. Love how you created the slot for the picture and avoided any gluing of Lego - I'm totally with you on that score! :) Love to you all!