Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pollyanna's Bedroom

Polly has a lot of keepsakes and memento's that she loves to have around her, so its a busy
room but it's a sanctuary she loves and spends heaps of time in.
Welcome to St Hilda's!  Today we make our first stop on the almost completed renovations and look at some of the inspiration I have used from Pinterest to create each room.  Today we step inside the front door and turn right into Pollyanna's room.  When we purchased this place over two years ago, my littlest punks room was part of the Art Gallery ... now it's a bedroom fit for an almost 11 year old! Polly has a love/loathe relationship with pink, currently we're ok with it if it comes with other colours!  There used to be a fireplace in this room, it was the old matrons sitting when it was an orphanage.  Unfortunately, the chimney has been taken down at some stage and the fireplace was not in a usable condition.  We thought about removing it completely, but I loved the alcoves it created.  We ended up dry walling over the fireplace and putting a built-in study area and book shelving.  It works well for her and uses up the vertical space which is great when you have a 3.66m stud height!

This is from the door way. Most of her lego is stored under the bed on a pull out board with
handles we made her.  It slides in and out so its not in the way when she's not playing with it!

Lego Friends Township! It slides easily in and out which she can do on her own and all the extra Lego pieces are stored in
canvas boxes on her shelves.

Polly collects two things, Lego and Sylvanian Families.  We built these bookcases for her last bedroom and they still work well in this one!  I am a big believer in having toys out and accessible otherwise they don't get used!! The bookcases have been lined with artificial grass to create a ready made SF playground that is also storage!! 
Polly loves to create scenes with the SF's and it adds to the decor in her room, is easily accessible for play, and is perfectly stored when not in use!!

The artificial grass is perfect for making SF memories :o)
As mentioned we have extremely high ceilings, to make the room feel more cosy, on the chimney breast wall we added wall decals in a tree shape with the moon to connect the large wall spaces with all the busyness happening down below.  It adds interest vertically without taking over the room.  Which is especially important when your daughter loves books, Lego, SF, and stationery!!
Any when Polly sits in bed she can see her couch and the gorgeous Camellia Tree outside her window.  The couch is a hand-me-down and not the idea fabric for the room it's sitting in but in a retro kinda way it still works!  One day I will get confident enough to take on reupholstering it with Pinterest's help! 
And finally a little wall art next to the door.  We LOVE Lego in our house and I created these when I was doing Pinterest 365, the first one I made was for my nephew in SG.  I came home with some Ikea frames to make some for my punks and they are STILL going strong!

You can get a full tutorial on how I made this Lego Wall Art/Minifig Storage here
And that's it, the first room on our St Hilda's house tour is done and we will be moving directly across the hallway to the master bedroom tomorrow.  But later today, I will be testing a Pinterest Recipe for Flourless Orange Cake ... and not eating it .... seems like not the wisest idea to bake while doing Whole 30 ... I'm not the smartest in the cookie jar ... this could go horribly wrong!!


Jen W. said...

Polly's room is fabulous! I love the artificial grass on the shelves and the pull out Lego display under the bed - such clever storage! And those big windows are gorgeous. :) Can't wait to see the rest of the house!

Possum Creek said...

This is great. What excellent ideas for kids storage. The under bed pullout is a fantastic idea. Love Polly's Sylvanian collection!! :)

Possum Creek said...

Just popping in to invite you to join the new Sylvanian Preloved Buy Sell Aust and New Zealand, if you are interested :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of bed does she have that much room underneath...

Katie said...

Can you tell me what you used for the base of the underbed lego unit? That looks so wonderful and just slides in and out. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What did you use for the pull out board with handles? LOVE IT and that its' white

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